We hope to suggest properties to our customers like to my valued friends.”


We hope to provide the highest standards of service to our customers. “ 


We hope to create reliable real estate solutions to people who come to Japan from all over the world.”


 Anchors REAL ESTATE is here to fulfill our missions. 

 Anchors  REAL ESTATE 


We have a vision of a client-focused company built on integrity, respect and communication. Over the past years, it seemed like the benefit and stakeholders were prioritized in the corporate world. But the time is changing. Anchors REAL ESTATE is dedicated to our customers with our missions, to build a good relationship of trust with customers, to provide service to customers from our confidential staff, and welcome our customers from all over the world. We are always happy to assist people who make the biggest purchase of properties. We are Anchors. We become an real estate agent just like an anchor that provides a feeling of support and safety to you. 

Anchors REAL ESTATE starts.    

Gotta go, let’s have fun!

From the very beginning 


We make a team specialized in remodeling for quality management.  
In the transaction of a used real estate, we need many legal and financial aspects that revolve around the purchase. Also, it is necessary to deal with remodeling. 
It is always said that only good specialists have extensive knowledge and do an excellent performance. So, we think it important that we make a special team of remodeling service. 

About us


The word, “anchor” has some definitions. It means a heavy metal that is lowered to the bottom of the sea, or a lake to stop a ship or boat moving. An anchor also means a leg of a relay. Anchors REAL ESTATE aims to be a professional group like an anchor. This is how we name ourselves Anchors REAL ESTATE. 
I have a precious experience of being engaged in operating housing service in Portland, Oregon (USA). All the people there treated me like one of their best friends and supported my life and work. All of these experiences has encouraged me to found Anchors REAL ESTATE. 

A new adventure begins!

 Anchors REAL ESTATE is now a small boat. And we have just sailed on. But we will get together with our customers, dedicated teams of employees, and the people around us. Gotta go, have fun. We will try to travel the sea, building our network of business altogether.   



Anchors REAL ESTATE love, connect and interact people. As its company name suggests, we are very happy to give support and safety to people, developing a global network of people. Oomori, Tokyo Japan, Portland、Oregon USA, we are together!